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Our Story

Interacial Family preparing meal on island in the kitchen

Straight A Student Transport is a family-owned business. As parents, we have struggled with our children's transportation needs for over 15-years. Balancing family can be very challenging at times.


Between getting the children to and from school, before and after care, tutoring, special events, sports, and extracurricular activities, our children's transportation needs became a full-time job.


We disliked having to choose between work, school, and family.

Covid-19 has plagued our children to the home since March of 2020. When we learned that face-to-face classes would resume, our family was ecstatic.

Soon after, devastation prevailed when the news that school bus services were terminated for our schools. Again, faced with the questions, "What do we do?" Thus.......Straight A Student Transport was born.

With safety as our top priority, it would be our honor to assist you with your transportation demands, while providing comfortable and reliable transit service for your most valuable possession.

Young boy sitting frustrated at desk staring at laptop

Don't leave your child in the dark. Recent studies prove that students' grades are plummeting due to online school. The academic dishonesty rate has soared, individuals experience an enormous sense of lack of motivation, and a steady downward trend in effective communication. 

Let Straight A Student Transport get you and your family back on track to the rest if your lives.

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