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About Our Drivers


As a registered vendor for the Broward County School Board, we have established an astringent criteria for each employee to pass prior to hire.  Rest assured in knowing we will not comprise safety or integrity when you entrust us with your loved one. 


Each driver complete a physical and vision exam by a Board-Certified Licensed Healthcare Provider in accordance with DOT, and maintains a current CPR certification.

Driver driving with seatbelt and wearing a mask


All chauffeurs possess an impeccable driving history. Verified elements include (but are not limited to):

  • Driving Records

  • DUI & DWI

  • Citations

  • Driving History

  • License Suspensions

  • Traffic Violations

  • License Revocations

  • Speeding Tickets

  • Federal Records

Driving Record

In accordance with Florida Board of Education and VECHS Program (Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System) at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), each vehicle operator has passed a level 2 background check.


This includes a fingerprint-based search of records maintained by the FDLE, National FBI criminal history searches, and County criminal record searches through local courts or law enforcement agencies.

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